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Need More Storage Space on Your Property?

Get a garage installation in the Grand Rapids or Walker, MI area

When your holiday decorations are piling up in the storage space in your home, you need somewhere else to keep them. Add some much-needed storage space to the outside of your home by hiring Bosworth Builders LLC. We perform for detached garage installations in Walker, MI; Grand Rapids, MI and the surrounding areas.

In addition to extra storage space, you can also use your new garage as workshop or a place for your hobbies. With over 30 years of experience and top-notch materials, we'll build you a detached garage that will hold up for whatever you need.

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Why choose a detached garage?

If you've decided to add a garage to your property, you'll have to decide what type is best for you. A detached garage is your best bet if you want...

  • Future expansion options. Since a detached garage isn't connected to your home, it's easier to expand later on.
  • Better fire safety. If your garage catches on fire, the damage is less likely to spread to your home.
  • Design freedom. Since your garage won't be attached to your home, your design preferences aren't restricted to an existing space.
Get the style you want and the storage space you need with a detached garage. Call 616-292-5796 to schedule your garage installation.